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Extension hair accessory During the winter season, you might be going out for parties and events more than usual…wouldn’t it be fun to try out some new trends? The product we will introduce is a special item that might make you the star of the party! It’s a hair accessory that gives you gorgeous shiny hair, just in 5 minutes with easy steps.
1. Cut the sheet at a necessary length. Peel off the white sheet on the back, then apply to hair with the crystals remaining on the transparent sheet.
2. Prepare a hair iron and heat it up to 180 degrees Celsius. Tuck the crystals with a strip of hair one by one for about 5 seconds each.
3. Peel off the transparent sheet after ensuring the crystals are attached to the hair. Removable with shampoo♪ *If it is hard to take the crystals off with shampoo, wipe them off with alcohol-soaked cotton.

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