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Soak in a bath and lose 2kg! Popular bath salt among celebs that makes you sweat a ton! It has been gossiped that even Victoria Beckham used it and lost 2kg just after taking one bath. 「Magnesium sulfate」, the 100% natural mineral from the ocean is its secret of popularity. It increases the base metabolism, which promotes burning of body fat. This is why it has become a standard beauty item used as bath salt everywhere around the world by celebrities. In addition, there are many positive effects such as de-swelling, deodorizing, suppressing skin problems, and detox! How to take an Epsom Salt bath♪ Amount of use: 150g~300g per time 1. Fill your bathtub up with hot water (about 40 degrees Celsius), and add Epsom Salt to it. The best proportion is 150g~300g of Epsom Salt for 150L of hot water. 2. Mix well and soak in the bath for 10~30 minutes. (Avoid staying in longer than 30 minutes.) 3. Wash the salt off your body. After the bath you’ll feel smooth, clean, nice and warmed up. Adding a tad of aroma oil to the bath may enhance the relaxing effects! Recommended to use 2~3 times a week.

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