Articles : "Tannin" - Brings your hair back to life

Damaging and loosing volume in your hair is an unavoidable problem once you hit your 40’s. To solve this issue, perming agents with “Tannin” has been a popular matter. Tannin is a generic term for botanical polyphenol contained in red wine. It has an interesting characteristic where it bonds with keratin and proteins, which fills in the damaged parts of the hair and provides improved bounce to the perm. 1. Loosen the hair with Agent 1’s reduction action Damaged parts of the hair are an open hole. Let the hair softening components of agent 1 loosen the hair and let the Tannin to deeply penetrate. 2. Let the Tannin soak into the core The Tannin will soak into the damaged parts, loosened parts of the hair, and bond with the proteins. 3. Fix the curls with Agent 2 The Tannin that filled in the gaps will be stabilized along with the curls. 4. The Tannin will fill in the holes and improve bounce and shine The Tannin will soak into parts where proteins have been lost, revive the bounce, and create steady curls. The surface of hair will absorb some of the Tannin as well, giving gloss and shine.
★ What is Tannin?
Tannin is a generic name for botanical polyphenol contained in certain plants. There are various names and use for it, but its main characteristic is that it “bonds with proteins”, which is being studied by many researchers and hoped to be applied adequately in perming.

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