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Diamine free hair dye Have you heard of Diamine (PPDA) that content in Hair dye? Diamine has chromogenic effect that is possible to create variation of colors from dark to light tone. Now days it became a necessary ingredient for hair dye. On the other hand, Diamine can be a factor that causes of Allergy, and it's counted among harmful chemical. A lot of countries declare the high risk of Diamine. Beauba, introduce you a Non-Diamine color. There are some demerit such as less variation of color, low chromogenic effect and such, but it is possible to dye hair for people who have Diamine allergy. 1, Take slices every 2cm and apply the P-ZERO on each sections. By covering scalp with P-ZERO prevent damages to the hair and scalp from alkali. 2, Mix 1 part color with 1-2 parts oxidant, and then apply it on the hair in same way as usual coloring. Give your clients more choices!!

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