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Who needs help for scalp problem Washing off residual silicon completely, that keeps your scalp clean and relieves itchiness. Here are perfect products for you. These lotions are specially made for removing silicon. There are twice of sebaceous secretion on scalp more than T-zone on the face. It is really tough to wash off wastes and oil based hair product on the scalp. When these get old and oxidized that cause bad smell. Also residual silicon stuck in pore and cause itchiness!! The point is, you have to wash off completely these causal substances. These lotions dissolve hard styling products and high water-shedding silicon, those are hard to wash off with shampoo. Healthy scalp makes beautiful hair for sure!!! You will get silky and shiny hair by caring scalp conditions. Although after cleanse all substances, your scalp becomes really sensitive. Do not forget to do after care as well

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Remove the great enemy silicon for salon works!

TechnoEight Herb Essence 300ml

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Cleans residues that shampoo can't wash off.

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