Articles : Many different hair colors

Many different hair colors There are SO MANY different hair colors you can choose from... how can you make your decision? Don't worry, every color has it's own characteristics. If you can maximize the abilities of each color, you're already close to being the “Hair Color Master”! LISEINTER (Milbon): Dies gray hair evenly and expresses a bright, deep color with glamorous shine. ORDEVE (Milbon): Dies deeply from the inside of hair and brings out a natural, elegant color. ASIAN COLOR DESIGN EXPERT (ARIMINO): Perfect for design performance. The stylish colors will fit each person's needs. MATERIA G (Lebel): Only fills in the gaps of lacking colors. Suppresses dulness and cloudiness of gray hair. Dianist (SHISEIDOU): Variation of mature colors that will make you shine once more. Perhaps, you might open the door to different ways of enjoying hair color.

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