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Cutting wigs 100% human hair To succeed in the beauty business, the only shortcut is to practice. Watch and steal the professional's techniques, practice over and over, and someday...! If you use a mannequin with 100% human hair, you can practice repeatedly without having to worry about damaging the scissors! Corresponds to coloring and perming as well. It might be fun to try and see how many patterns you can make with one wig.

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yukarijapan Cutting wig for State Examination 24-2

[USD  37.25 ]

Practice wig for cutting for national exam.

Cut Wig with Ears M-14

[USD  44.75 ]

Practice wig for cutting.

Up wig UP140

Various use of cutting/ up-dos and hair arrangement

EUROPRESTIGE Layer Cutting Lesson Wig L-23 (1 piece)

[USD  36.00 ]

Cutting wig for national exam.

Mituya No.5 (Wig for Lesson)

[USD  59.75 ]

Front flocking wig that allows you to practice close to real.

X-Cutted Male Mannequin

[USD  42.25 ]

Cutting mannequin for men's cut.

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