Articles : MUCOTA 3-step intensive treatment

MUCOTA 3-step intensive treatment “MUCOTA”, known for developing a unique and new Clinic method dedicated for damaged hair, creates and provides beauty products for professionals with their goal “impress and satisfy the users” always in mind. MUCOTA “SCENA” - MUCOTA's 3-step intensive hair treatment will repair damaged hair effectively by considering the damage mechanism and make your hair shine from the inside. First of all, “Adel” (1st agent) with natural ceramide and moisturizing saccharides will create a moisturizing veil and fix a perfect condition for hair treatment. Next, “Brava” (2nd agent) with 5 different hair repairing components will treat and repair, corresponding to various types of hair damage. Finally, “Calore” will protect the cuticles and repair the hydrophobic protection layer of the hair surface, bringing further gloss and shine you've never seen. MUCOTA has a wide selection of home care treatment waiting for you. Maintain the best treatment effects with continuous daily care♪

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