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The non-wash treatment with best reputation The non-wash treatment with best reputation, “Jyurokuyu (Sixteen Oil)”. Why is it called “Jurokuyu”? As it's name suggests, there are 16 different botanical oils blended in. The moisturizing and protection effects of this nature-based oil will repair damaged hair and settle it down. Adding heat with a dryer of hair iron will enhance the moisturizing effects, giving extra shine and gloss. In addition, the UV protection effects will protect the hair from UV-rays. No stickiness, and gives you great results just with a small amount. Non-fragrant.
① After towel drying, apply Jurokuyu on hair ends and damaged areas
② Comb the hair and spread oil evenly
③ After blow drying, apply a tad of Jurokuyu to the hair ends once more
1.Olive Oil
2.Macadamia Nut Oil
3.Sunflower Oil
4.Vitamin E Oil
5.Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil
6.Carrot Essence
7.Jojoba Oil
8.Meadowfoam Seed Oil
9.Almond Oil
10.Squalane Oil
11.White Sesame Oil
12.Kukui Nut Oil
13.Apricot Kernel Oil/Peach Kernel Oil
14.Soybean Oil
15.Rose-hip Oil
16.Safflower Oil

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