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Make hair strengthened by adding collagen Here is a special collagen treatment menu for …. People who considered damages and dryness of your hair! People who want bouncy hair with big curl!! And people who are considering about aging care!!! The dermis of scalp is very important for hair growth and 70~90% of it is built by collagen. Fibroblasts generate collagen and keeps scalp healthy. If there is not enough amount of collagen, condition of the scalp will be unsettled and it causes troubles. Collagen will facilitate the absorption of nutrients to the hair. For avoiding scalp problems, we recommend the collagen powder and it gives quick effect by mixing with shampoo and treatment. Also by mixing it with color and pre-treatment will provide extra shine to the hair.

Recommended products

napla Collagen Powder 100 3g*15Bags

Contains 100% natural collagen with no additives or artificial coloring.

napla Colla's Recipe 3g x 15 Piece

Blend of collagen powder and 9 kinds of organic extracts.

napla Plaveam Essence Pt 150ml(10ml X 15)

Improved absorptivity with minimized platinum and collagen.

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