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Carbonic Acid Tablet Have you ever heard about "Carbonic Acid Tablet"? Carbonic Acid treatment is becoming popular in Japanese hair and beauty salons as those advertised on TV. Carbonic acid helps to eliminate oil and chemical residue. And also it resets alkali to provide healthy hair. 1, Wash off chemical agents such as color or perming lotion etc. 2, Fill the shampoo basin half-full of hot water, and add carbonic tablet or powder to mix. 3, Give a gentle rinse with carbon acid water. 4, Applies hair treatment to finish. See? How simple is that!

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Tansan Sen (Baking Soda and Citric Acid) Tablet Super Carbonic Acid SPA 16g x 36 tablet

[USD  19.75 ]

Tablet of "baking soda" and "citric acid".

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