Articles : How to make a beautiful blond

How to make a beautiful blond It is difficult to bleach hair evenly. The result can be different depends on the client’s body temperature and damage level of hair. It is important to understand the effect of each type of the bleach. There are two different types of bleaches. One is a powder type and the other one is a cream type. Do you know the difference of these bleaches? Look at the graph. Once mixing with oxidant, the powder type will hit the maximum potency after 5 minutes. On the other hand, cream type effect is gradually increasing and it will hit the maximum potency after 15 minutes. And after 30 minutes, both of them lose effects but the damage of hair will keep increasing. Especially for the roots and ends of the hair you need extra careful! Higher temperature and damaged hair will take color quicker, and if you leave over time the hair will start to melt. The importance for bleaching hair is calculating time and picking a right type for different conditions of hair. Lets make a damageless beautiful blond.

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