Articles : Two types of facial soap made by natural ingredients

Two types of facial soap made by natural ingredients The products we want to introduce today are two types of facial soap made by natural ingredients that both have unique effects and designs.
Wood Vinegar Charcoal soap (Mokusaku Takedorobou) , as its name suggests, is a charcoal designed soap containing wood vinegar (Mokusaku), coal, volcano ashes and clay. Wood vinegar is a reddish liquid with more than 200 natural components extracted from burning charcoal, and is proved to have good anti-inflammatory and sterilization effects. Coal, volcano dust, and clay have micro size holes that absorb sebum and impurities leading to clear, clean skin. After cleansing, the natural minerals tighten the pores and give a refreshing, smooth finish.
On the other hand, the Bamboo Vinegar soap (Chiku Saku Takedorobou) has a moist finish. It contains Bamboo vinegar (Chikusaku), mud, glycerin, kuma bamboo grass extract. Bamboo vinegar is a liquid made of the gas that comes out of the chimney when burning bamboo to make charcoal, and is famous for its sterilizing, deodorizing, and moisturizing effects. Furthermore, the mud, glycerin, and kuma bamboo grass extract also have the effect to absorb sebum and impurities, so we recommend this one for those who want to cleanse well but are also concerned of dryness. Doesn't it look exactly like a piece of bamboo!?

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