Articles : If you have a choice, choose micro fiber towels

If you have a choice, choose micro fiber towels One of the causes for hair damage is the heat of the hair dryer and the friction that happens when you towel dry. Especially for those who have long hair, hair drying is something you want to shorten as much as you can, isn't it?
What will make those clients' wish come true, is choosing micro fiber towels.
Many people should recognize its name for the reputation of supper high absorbance and fast drying due to its ultra-fine fiber.
However, there must be cosmetologists that were interested, but gave up on switching to micro fiber towels due to expense reasons.
Don't worry! BEAUBA can always promise the best deals than ever. The reasonable 10P set microfiber towels shall increase the speed and efficiency of your treatment, and bring your salon to a higher level.

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