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Japanese face masks, reasonable face packs Japanese face masks have been popular all around the world for its high qualities. The secret of popularity is that you can achieve remarkable moisture at once! Get a reasonable deal of a 120 pack set of face-packs including the Nobel-prize winning EGF, skin restoring arbutin glycoside and moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

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Arbro EG Smooth face mask 120 Piece set (40Piecex X 3packs)

[USD  24.75 ]

Facial mask with plenty of skin lotion.

ALOVIVI BA-YU Mask 45 sheets

[USD  9.23 ]

Full of horse oil (BA-YU) placenta and many other moisturizing ingredients!

Elastic Face Mask 30 Piece

[USD  9.98 ]

Achieves skin as supple as a baby.

Honeybees Poison Face Mask 30 Piece

[USD  12.25 ]

Anti-aging with honeybee venom.

SPC Snail facial mask 30 Piece

[USD  12.25 ]

Popular sheet with plenty of essences.

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