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Casual hair coloring with less damage Hair dye dyes your hair from the inner side, while hair manicure colors it by coating the surface of the hair.
They both have pros and cons of its own, but if you think about future damage of the hair and scalp, hair manicure is a better choice.
In fact, the "DECOR" hair manicure series has a long-lasting coloring effect and shine more than any existing hair manicure, which may be good enough to cover the negatives of hair manicure!
On top of that, the natural moisturizing ingredients originated from seaweed will protect the water balance of the hair, and minimize the "squeaky feeling" that is experienced frequently after color treatment.
The hair manicure series with a wide color variation and a high quality, "IRIYA COLOR COAT DECOR" shall satisfy you and your clients' needs for sure.
To reset the previous hair color and support beautiful hair coloring results, we recommend the color remover of the same series "IRIYA DECOR Color Reset".

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