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Edible Collagen and Hyaluronic acid Collagen and Hyaluronic acid; the two most known ingredients for skin care. Collagen takes up 70% of the cutis vera (inner skin) to retain moisture, while hyaluronic acid prevents sagging and wrinkles as well as keeping your joints moving. Here we can see, that not only these two are effective for achieving beautiful skin, but are also very important for your health as well. There are many products using hyaluronic acid and collagen such as skin toner, serum, hand cream, body cream etc… but there are limits to what you can take in from your skin. Why don't you try adding "Hanamai Edible Hyaluron Acid Fish Collagen" to your diet? The flavorless fragrance-free power type formula is easy to melt into drinks and food, so you can take in hyaluronic acid and collagen very handily. Furthermore, the effective ingredients are highly absorbed into your body due to the seramide and other vitamins.

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Hanamai Edible Hyaluron Acid Collagen 130g

[USD  19.75 ]

Collagen and hyaluronic acid will maintain beauty and health.

Hanamai Edible Hyaluron Acid Collagen Stick-type 1.5g x 30 packs

[USD  13.00 ]

Beauty and health maintenance with hyaluronic acid and 100% collagen.

Hyaluronic Acid Neat Liquid 20ml

[USD  7.50 ]

Improves volume of thin hair.

Hanamai Edible Collagen Stick Powder Type 1.5g x 30 set

[USD  8.50 ]

Health and beauty with pig skin collagen.

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