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Say goodbye to your oily skin The causes of oily skin are an inappropriate diet, hormone imbalance, and incorrect skin care. However, it may be difficult to suddenly change your diet or control your hormones, but it should be easy to change your skincare even starting today.
The three main points to dealing with oily skin are:
1. Do not remove sebum of skin beyond necessity
2. Cleanse gently
3. Make sure to moisturize well
Today we will introduce the perfect cleanser to cover these points; "MaxFacter SK-2 Facial treatment gentle cleanser".
The mildly acidic and rich foam will remove excessive impurities and sebum gently without having to scrub hard, and the moisturizing ingredients such as Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate/White Tea Extractum/Oat extract will leave the moisture you need for your skin.
Say goodbye to your oily skin just with a small change in your daily routine♪

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