Articles : Occasional cleaning to maintain clean makeup brushes

Occasional cleaning to maintain clean makeup brushes Do you take good care of your makeup brushes?
If you procrastinate on cleaning makeup brushes, not only the hair will spread out and become difficult to use, but it could also cause skin problems by the increase of bacteria.
Keep working on daily care, but when the conditions start getting worse, use "shuuemura rush cleaner" for extra cleaning!
The basic usage is to gently wash your brushes in a cup with the cleaner, wipe them gently with facial tissue, and then air-dry them well out of direct sunlight.
In the end you will have nice and clean brushes with a smoother feeling due to the macadamia nut oil and vitamin E in the cleanser♪
Basic steps will remove residues of makeup well enough, but if you want extra beautiful brushes, you can rap them in paper and fix the shape after drying as well.

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