Articles : Cut down the unpleasant smell with botanical oil

Cut down the unpleasant smell with botanical oil we never like that smell after perming your hair. Even though the perm turns out perfectly, it always happens… The smell being stuck to your hair even after several days of shampooing! This may be another reason adding to the damage, why many people hesitate to perm their hair. When you want to provide your customers their desired style with a smell-free treatment…that is the time when MAIZE MAIZ THAT WAVE perming agent series comes in handy. The reason why we recommend this series, is because the botanical oil in the agent will decrease unpleasant smell, while the natural amino acids and Chitin LHV moisturizes and protects the hair. This means it can cover all the demerits of perming all at once! Use THAT WAVE receptively because it has a reasonable price too♪

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