Articles : Is your scalp odor-free?

Is your scalp odor-free? The cause of unpleasant scalp odor, especially in the sumer, is the oxidation of scalp sebum. Since your scalp has 2 times more oil glands than the T-zone of your face, these problems effect the scalp more than other parts of your body. On top of that in the summer, sweat is an additional encouragement for the secretion of sebum. Wait! Just because of this, you shouldn't be using shampoo with too much detergency. Removing sebum too much, can also result in excessive secretion. To cover these points, use the "MILBON DESSE'S Neu Due FRESH LUXE" series. This series will cleanse and refresh your scalp without over-cleansing, and give you smooth, light and flowing hair. Let your customers enjoy their summer with an odor-free scalp!

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