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Medical wigs services at hair salon There are so many people need hair wig due to having Alopecia or under anticancer drug treatment. And of course as a fashion item!! This time, we would like to introduce you useful wig that be able to provide coloring cut and hair arrangement right away. It surely makes client happy by offering their favorite hairstyle at the salon. ☆Good Points☆
①Free fitting Have a consultation with client and decide color and size. Pick the favorite piece and try-on. Then order the wig.
②Arrange at the salon Once wig is arrived, you can create any style you like by coloring, cut and more!! Don't you think it is groundbreaking service?

Recommended products

Medical Wig Em-61A Mode Bob High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Stylish bob that doesn't become too cute.

Medical Wig Em-60A Moist Straight Long High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Very natural and simple straight long hair.

Medical Wig Em20 Soft Layer Bob High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

sutable for all face shape.

Medical Wig Em-59C Airy Wave High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Long wave with less volume and layer around chin.

Medical Wig Em05 Light Bangs Short High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Super adorable with cute yet mature light bangs.

Medical Wig Em-59A Beauty Straight High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Glossy natural straight.

Medical Wig Em01 Simple Beauty Short Standard type

[USD  497.50 ]

Short style with airy texture!

Medical Wig Em25 Sweet Layer High-grade type

[USD  910.00 ]

Beautiful and irresistible straight layered hair.

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