Articles : Minimum damage and various colors

Minimum damage and various colors Hair damage and scalp damage may be the top concern for your clients that dye their hair. If they want to maintain a beautiful even hair color, it is unavoidable for them to dye their hair repeatedly. And so this is why want to choose hair dye with less damage as possible, so your clients can enjoy fashionable hair color instead of feeling like they're obligated to dye their hair! Try out the「FIOLE BL Color」series. The 12 botanical essences (rosemary, garlic oil etc.) protecting the scalp + hair protecting ingredients (keratin PPT, wheat PPT etc.), this series has achieved in hair dyeing with minimum damage. The moisturized hair improves the appearance of color, made with a combination of grayish tones and vivid tones. You will be surprised with the amazingly silky finish!

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