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Professional hair dye cleaner ever Have you gave up on removing the hair dye stains on your furniture and walls? Customers who come to your salons are looking at those small things, much more than you think. Even though you make sure your sinks are clean and your furniture is stylish, it is such a downer to your salon's clean image if you have small stains everywhere. If you use NONAKA's "Hair Color Cleaner", you will be surprised by the dramatic cleansing ability compared to store-bought stain removers! First, if you can apply this cleaner on the stain within 30min. after staining, you can expect the stain to go away by just wiping it off. Secondly, if the stain has been there for a long time (for artificial leather-> max 1week/for wall paper->max 1 month), you can try cleaning it using a brush after leaving the cleaner on for 5~15 minutes. Don't forget, stains become harder to remove as time passes by, and try to clean hair dye stains as soon as possible!

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