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Hair growth serum for eyebrows Hair growth for eyebrows, is a topic being concerned along with that of eyelashes. Believe it or not, many people suffer from hair loss and thinning of eyebrows, and the cause is said to be left over shampoo and make up, or atopic dermatitis. What is effective for solving these problems, is taking in more iron which is needed to repair the cuticles of hair, preventing the damaging of eyebrows by applying lotion before makeup, and finally using eye-brow serum. Among the various eye brow serums, we recommend "Tamura Jishoudou eye-brow beauty" which includes botanical essences, prevents hair loss by nourishing the hair roots. In addition, you can also use it when you cut your eye brows too short. Apply it just as if you are using mascara, after cleansing in the morning, before make up and before you sleep, to maintain young beautiful eyebrows.

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