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Solve perming problems with GMT What is the New Reduction Agent “GMT”? GMT stands for G (Glyceryl) M (Mono) T(Thioglycolate), commonly known as dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. This new agent has created a sensation for improving the weak points of perming; the smell, damaging to hair, and lack of stability. Why don’t you consider “GMT” that satisfies the customer’s needs today and bring back those who stepped away from perming? 4 Key points of GMT 1. Less damage It is usable on damaged/color treated hair without over-damaging since you can perm at an acidic level, which lessens the opening of cuticles. 2. Less smell The smell during and after the procedure is much more mild compared to Cysteamine and other perming agents. 3. Low pH The low pH improves stability of perming affects, counteracting the acidity. 4. Mix with Spiera and achieve bouncy hair with long-lasting color. GMT is usually a pre-preparation agent which you mix with the base solution every time you use it. Nevertheless, it is possible to mix it with Spiera depending on the purpose or hair condition. The mixture of GMT and Spiera will give a soft finish, improving ridge.

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