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Reset your scalp As it gets warmer towards the summer, more customers shall be worried about itchiness, infections and the smell of their scalp. To prepare for your customers' needs, why don't you check out this natural shampoo that would solve those summer problems of the scalp? We will introduce some of the main effective ingredients in "Sunny Place ZACRO SUMI SHAMPOO". ●Pomegranate… antioxidant, hair restoration effects (Vitamin B2) ●Charcoal… sebum absorption, sterilization, deodorizing effects ●Japanese Basil… anti-inflammatory effect ●Petasites japonicas… anti-inflammatory effect ●Saponaria officials… cleansing effect ●Veitch's bamboo… anti-bacterial effect ●Jojoba oil… Moisturizing effect The eye-catching package is a remarkable point as well. Improve different scalp problems all at once♪

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