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Get your mind into a deep state of relaxation Are you sometimes too busy with your work, leave your customers waiting, and think if they have a magazine to read that's enough? It's true that your customers come to your salon for beauty, but that's not it. Many of them come for relaxation as well. Even if it's an essential waiting time for coloring or perming, we should always hope for customers to have the most comfortable time as possible. As an additional item for relaxation, why don't you offer some aroma tea? Provide a pleasant time with the soothing scent of herbs. Your customers must feel flattered by the special service. Make them beautiful from the inside and out!

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Herb & Tea Mini Packs Rosehip & Hibiscus 50g

[USD  4.56 ]

Blend of rosehip and hibiscus!

Herb & Tea Mini Packs Lemongrass leaf cut 25g

[USD  3.15 ]

Refreshing lemon-like aroma!

Pompa Dour Apple & Herb Mix 3g x 20 Packs

[USD  4.94 ]

Refreshing sourness.

Botany's Labo Echinacea & Chamomile 2g x 8 Piece

[USD  3.35 ]

For making a beautiful skin during the cold season.

Pompa Dour Chamomile Flower 1.5g x 20 Packs

[USD  4.94 ]

Relax with the gentle aroma.

Pompa Dour Rosehip & Hibiscus Flower 3.5g x 20 Packs

[USD  4.94 ]

Refreshing sourness.

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