Articles : Hair color damage

Hair color damage What exactly does “color damage” mean? Review the basics so you can explain it to your customers anytime! During the hair coloring procedure, you have to break 4 types of bonds in the hair; cystine bonds, hydrogen bonds, salt bonds and peptide bonds. Most of these can re-bond naturally, but peptide bonds, they can never re-bond after being broken once. Therefore, after hair coloring, the protection force is weakened and important components of the hair are easily drained out. To maintain a beautiful hair color and also prevent dryness at the same time, daily home care is the key point♪ The basics of home care is to choose good shampoo. If you choose shampoo without conditioning ingredients, the friction between each hair will damage the cuticles every time you wash it. On the other hand, hair-color exclusive shampoo will coat the hair surface, reduce the friction and suppress color fade. Once your hair is damaged, it is hard to take it back. That's why it is important to always keep the damage at a minimum level. Maintain beautiful hair color, by applying accurate knowledge and exclusive hair care.

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