Articles : Cosmetic perming corresponding to different damage levels

Cosmetic perming corresponding to different damage levels For those customers who had to give up cosmetic curling due to their soft and thin hair, or thick and hard hair... The cosmetic perming series with the smallest damage ever, but can express various curls on any hair type; "ARIMINO Cosme-curl" may be the solution. The secret of its quality is the perfect balance of hair softener and hair treatment ingredients. This series uses cysteamine as the hair softener, which have small molecules that penetrate well into the hair without opening the cuticles, preventing the draining of proteins. After creating the perfect curls, the moisturizing ingredients such as rose hip oil and avocado oil will provide a silky finish♪ On top of that, the original fragrance components will effectively cover the unpleasant smell of chemicals! Cosmetic perming of the new age, "ARIMINO Cosme-curl" will certainly satisfy every customer who wants damage-less curling! Use the different types depending on the hair damage level.

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