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The top-quality hair dying brush The feature you should focus on when choosing a hair dying brush is if it is gentle on the hair and scalp. If you don't know what to choose, we definitely recommend the worlds top quality hair dying brush using ultra-thin "saturated polyester" hair, "SANBI K-70". The bristles are amazingly gentle compared to nylon which is used in many hair dying brushes, so it doesn't cause the scratchy pain when it touches the scalp. Furthermore, it doesn't soak up hair dye excessively, preventing dripping. Provide a quick and pleasant hair coloring experience using low-cost & high quality Japanese hair dyeing brushes!

Recommended products

Shatoly M-28 Hair Dye Brush

[USD  2.10 ]

Basic type that allows you to take a large amount of color.

hongo H2 Hair dye brush Soft Pink

[USD  5.35 ]

Spreads hair dye gently and thoroughly from hair roots with soft brush.

Torico Industries AIVIL Hair Dye Comb Baton Silver

[USD  3.38 ]

Hair dye comb brush for cream and gel type hair dye.

KP-1 (both taper worked) Hair dye brush Blue

[USD  4.13 ]

Recommended for sensitive scalp! Brush that is gentle on the skin.

SANBI K-70 Hair dye brush Bronze

[USD  5.33 ]

Retouch hair dye brush that is gentle on the scalp.

Vess DY-500 Hair Dye Brush Comb

[USD  3.73 ]

Horse hair brush comb that spreads solution well.

Ikemoto ICG-605 Minus ion hair dye comb brush Black

[USD  4.73 ]

The knurling on the comb teeth prevents dripping.

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