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Fix the balance from inside your hair Frizzy hairs have distorted cross-sections, making them easy to be damaged by small daily actions such as combing, brushing and shampooing. And so, it is necessary to take care of frizzy hair in aspects of giving them enough nutrients and keeping nice cuticles with extra attention compared to straight hair. To take good care of frizzy hair, we recommend the product "Lebel IAU Deep Mask" since it repairs damage and frizz at the same time from the inside of your hair, and provides a silky and supple finish. One of the strong points about this treatment is that it has high moisturizing effects, yet it doesn't make your hair heavy; it makes it settle down well with a flowing lightness. This high-quality hair treatment that has a reputation to give you "glowing hair like an angel's ring", will show remarkable effects even in a onetime use!

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Lebel IAU Deep Mask 170g

Intensive care approach from both side of kink and damage.

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