Articles : Most damage-less reductant agent for curling

Most damage-less reductant agent for curling When you think of the most damage-less reductant agent for curling, many people must think of cysteamine. Cysteamine is surely excellent, since the molecules are small and penetrate well into the hair without opening the cuticles too much, preventing the draining of proteins. Although, there are demerits to it such as the strong smell, the high sensitization, and the hazardous risks of mixing it with alkali. Considering these points, the new reductant agent gaining popularity is "GMT (glycerol monothioglycolate)". This reductant agent can perm in the acidic region which minimizes hair damage, and has high safety for its low-acidic property. Of corse, it has the same curling effects as cysteamine, while having much less smell♪ Why don't you try the new reductant agent GMT with "Wellme GM Premium Curl?

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