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Who have sensitive skin For this who have a sensitive scalp, it is hard to cure the itchiness and irritation of your skin if you keep using store-bought shampoo. The cause of these scalp problems, is the synthetic surfactant contained in most of the shampoo, used for foaming, improving the cleansing ability and minimization of cost. This ingredient will dry-up your scalp by removing too much sebum and stimulating the scalp. To improve these scalp conditions, why don't you start using non-synthetic surfactant shampoo and conditioner? Our recommended series, the FIOLE FASCINATO series will gently cleanse the scalp with amino acid surfactant, remove the odor with the high anti-oxidant ability and moisturize with the herbal essences. Provide a trouble-free healthy scalp with a soft and refreshing finish. SHAMPOO TREATMENT

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