Health body odor products from Japan for sale

AFG Mouth Odor-Preventive Sour Persimmon Essence & Champignon 13.5g (300mg x 45 grain)

[USD 12.25]  USD 9.00
Dietary supplement essential for the etiquette.
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Jack Beans Tooth Paste Plus 120g

[USD 20.00]  USD 13.50
Solution for when you are worried about your gums and bad breath!

Hakka Mint Oil 10ml

[USD 12.50]  USD 9.98
Cool-feel shampoo with a cool exhilarating sensation.

WAVECORPORATION Spa Treatment Deodorant Cream 40g

[USD 20.00]  USD 12.00
Removes the smell from the source with antiperspiration. sterilization and deodorant effect!

Deo Tanning Medical Soap Mixtured essence of Epidermis 100g

USD 9.35
Sterilization and body odor care with persimmon tannin extract! strong type!

Deo Tanning Soap Mixtured essence of Epidermis 100g

USD 7.48
Persimmon tannin extract prevents acne and heat rash while taking care of body odors!