Nails nail tips products from Japan for sale

Natural Full Nail Tips

[USD 8.75]  USD 5.60
Clear colored full nail tips.

Curve Stick 6P set

[USD 18.75]  USD 15.00
With this you can easily make a C-curve.

Nail Tip Cutter Silver

[USD 9.50]  USD 7.25
Cut the tip into your desired length.

Clear Both Sides Tape for Nail Tip

[USD 6.25]  USD 3.75
Double-sided tape for nail tips.

Beauty Nailer Nail Glue 3g

[USD 3.75]  USD 2.75
Nail glue.

GLUE OFF remover 14ml

[USD 7.25]  USD 5.25
A remover for neat nail extension removing.