Other expenses Shipping charge(FedEx)
Order method Customers need an account for shopping. After registering with Beauba, you can start shopping anytime.

(1) Please register with Beauba.

(2) Select your products, then add to shopping cart.

(3) After shopping, please click the "Checkout" button.

(4) Please finish the directions on the screen and keep going.

(5)We will send your bill by email. The bill includes products price and shipping fee.

(6)Please complete the payment.

(7) As soon as we confirm your payment, we will send out your products.

*You can change your order if the products you ordered are out of stock for a long time, discontinued, or if the shipping fee is too expensive. In that case, we will pay you back all your money once, and later we will send you a new e-mail with your final ordering price and shipping fee.

*We ask our customers to pay the custom duties and taxes of their country.

If you have any questions, please ask us by email or call us.
Shipping method Shipment about FedEx (USA and Europe, etc.)
The charge of FedEx (on Beauba homepage)

Payment method PayPal & Credit Card

What is PayPal?
PayPal is an online tool for safely storing of your card information and bank account details so you don’t have to type them into a website for shopping or selling online.
It acts as an intermediary, so you don’t have to share your bank details with a third person.

- learn more at:
Delivery period It will take 1 week to 10 days for shipping your products.
If you have any questions, just please let us know. We are willing to answer your questions.
Returns and exchanges Please note that we are unable to accept returns or exchanges unless the received products are faulty. If you notice any damaged or missing items, please inform us within 3 days of receiving your parcel.
For inquiries regarding returns, please use the inquiry form available on our website. We will promptly review your inquiry and contact you.


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